Always On

Always On is a series of products to ensure that you can use your laptop or pad comfortable and effectively while working at home! Many people enjoy the leisure of a soft couch with lighter work tasks. Always On ensures that you can stay productive, and stay “On” even when working from your “couch office”.

Sofa Surfer

Make your home’s most comfortable place into your favorite workplace with the Sofasurfer. With a comfortable pillow on the underside and a workstation on the other, you are all set! The grooves are designed to either ventilate the laptop, or hold the pad in different angles. There is also a dedicated space for your mouse or for writing.


Lappy is a soft and durable laptop pillow. The grooves on one side ventilate the laptop and let you choose your preferred placing for your pad. Turn Lappy around for a more comfortable writing angle for you pad. On the other side the surface is angled for optimal writing on a pad. It’s easy to move around thanks to the handlegrip, and can be used in many ways.


The Always on Station is filled with practical functionality, specially designed to make you more productive when working from your couch. It has pull-out trays on both sides, for you mouse, notebook, coffee mug, phone and pens, and the trays can change side if you are left-handed. The legs are foldable.