With Bugtools we are tackling one bug problem after another. First of all we have set our sights at slugs and ticks. To wage war on pesky slugs, Bugtools have developed a series of products. Do it yourself with Pick&Cut and the Scooper, or place and leave the Pool and Trap. Bugtools have also developed a three-step solution to deal with ticks.

Snail Scooper

If your garden is full of slugs, this is an easy and effective way of getting rid of them. Attach a plastic bag to your scooper, and scoop up all of the slugs you can find. Then just tie up the plastic bag and dispose of them in the trashcan. Simply and scoop the slugs to clear your garden in no time.

Pick & Cut

With the Pick&Cut you can hunt down the slugs in your garden. Using the long handle you can pick up the slug, and using the trigger, you can easily cut the slug in to, disposing of it in a bag or trashcan. Now start picking.

Tick Free

Keep the ticks away with the Bugtools Tick Free spray. Spray the TickFree band with the tickspray. Attach the band to your leg to keep the trouser leg shut. The band will keep the trouser leg shut, while the spray will repel ticks effectively for 8 hours.

Tick Jack

A handy tick jack with a magnifying glass that lets you both inspect and remove a tick. Spot the tick, and scoop under it. Jack it free with a careful movement. Take care of the tick, that can be used in a Bugtools TickTest.

Tick Test

Borrelia and lyme disease is a disease that is carried by many ticks and that can be dangerous for humans. If you have been bitten by a tick, you can determine if the tick is a carrier of borrelia with this test. The test has a 97 % certainty to ascertain borrelia/lyme disease in a tick.

Spider Catcher

This ingenious device was engineered to catch and dispose of spiders – at more than an arms length. Perfect if you don’t like to get too close, or are having trouble catching them.