About Us

Unikia is a product development company that has developed 20+ brands and 300+ innovative products solving large and small problems. Unikia was established in 2011 and we have invested 15 MUSD in our own product development so far. The company has its’ base in the Nordics but the products are sold all over the world. We now do 3 things:

– Sell our products to retailers globally
– Develop our own products
– Create innovative products for other brands


We’re always looking for ambitious retail partners worldwide that share our passion for innovation, and who believes that innovation creates growth. For any distribution-related inquiries, please contact us at:

+47 980 00 077

In need of innovation?

Innovation creates value and uniqueness. Seeing so many products go through ideation, detailing, tooling, production and launch makes us an interesting partner. In just 3 years we have taken 300+ products from idea to launch with combined retail sales in the Nordics of 100+ MUSD.

Please contact us to learn how we can unleash innovation for you:

post@unikia.com / +47 980 00 077

Everything else

Do you have any questions that doesn’t relate to distribution or innovation for hire? Or do you need to mail us something? Not to worry, you can still get in touch.

For general inquiries, please contact us here:

Lille Grensen 7
0159 Oslo
+47 980 00 077