Dr. Shoe

Good shoes are like good friends. They are dependable, supportive, and absolutely essential at times. But just like with friendships, it is important to take good care of them if you want them to last.
With Dr. Shoe we wanted to launch a series of products that take care of your shoes, keeping them fresh and ready, making them more comfortable and making them last longer.


FANtastic is a wireless, battery powered pair of shoe fans that are fantastic for drying your shoes. The brushless 5000 rpm fan dries a shoe quicker, and more gently than a shoe dryer using heat. You can choose between a quick 1 hour cycle for regular drying, or a longer 3 hour cycle for extra wet shoes.

Shoe Butler

The Shoe Butler is an all-natural shoe freshener made from 100 year old Canadian Western red cedar tree and 18/8 stainless steel. The Shoe Butler will absorb moisture, hinder bad smells, and leave a natural cedar scent.


The Cure has been designed to keep shoes fresh and ready for you. The Cure is infused with nShield™, an active antimicrobial agent that kills the bacteria that causes your shoes to stink. The Cure also contains zeolite, which sucks up the moisture in your shoes, both reducing smell and increasing the life of your shoes.


MudBall is your best friend when it comes to taking care of your shoes. This ingenious invention combines a scraper and a brush in one fashionable and functional product. MudBall has an ergonomic and comfortable grip, and fits perfectly in your purse or your pocket.


MudFighter is the tool for the athlete who is serious about taking care of his shoes. The tool has two parts that can be snapped together for easy transport, and taken apart for use. The first part has two scrapers, one for easy removal of pebbles, and one for taking care of the mud.


MudBlade is and effective and handy shoe scraper that makes it easy to take care of your shoes. MudBlade has a foldable blade that lets you easily remove pebbles or mud from the sole of your shoe. The blade is ergonomic with a comfortable grip, and can be used on any kind of shoe.