Norwegians know slippers. Having to endure cold and hard wooden floors during long winters has taught the Norwegians the importance of good slippers. Our expertise in slippers has been essential in our mission to create the best, most comfortable and most functional slippers in the world. We hope both you and your feet enjoy GoodFoot – slippers from Norway.


GoodFoot Optimal is a temperature-balancing slipper where you actually walk on air! The Ventisole is filled with air channels designed so each steps activates a flow of air, while the perforated insole has a ventilating effect on your toes. The slipper also has an inner side venting area and the possibility to open up the layer over your toes for added temperature control.

Kinder Kicks

GoodFoot KinderKicks is a slipper made especially for kindergarten. It is a soft and comfortable slipper that is strengthened in key areas. KinderKicks is highly flexible and comes with a single Velcro strap, making them easy to put on, both for the kid itself, or for the parent helping the kid.

Massage Slippers

GoodFoot Massage is probably the first slipper in the world with dual massage. The FlipSole system allows for turning the sole over, changing from a soft and comfortable massage that stimulates blood circulation; to a kneading point pressure massage treatment that relaxes the muscles.