Happy Camper

We all enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it is camping, hiking, or just going to the park, but many of us miss the comfort and convenience that we are used to. We created the Happy Camper brand so that everyone can be guaranteed a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Happy Camper – Eradicating the bummers of outdoor life.

Happy Table

When you prepare food outdoors it is always a question of where you should place your food without it falling over. Happy Table is a collapsible bamboo table that fits all of the food, but still can be folded up so small that it fits in your backpack! Only 2,5 cm high when collapsed, it folds out to be 50x25x30 cm.

Happy Campfire

Making a fire can be such a pain. The ground is wet, the kids are impatient, and the food is cold. Happy Campfire is a water-resistant and slow burning cardboard with a firestarter to get it going, constructed to ensure optimal flow of oxygen to feed the fire, and only ash left behind.

Happy Sitting

This seating mat guarantees comfortable seating wherever you are. It can be used as a seating mat for two or a chair with backrest for one. Just clip the straps together and adjust to your own liking. The sidewalls will protect you from snow and wind, and it folds up to be quite small, so it is easy to bring.

Happy Cutting

It can be really hard to prepare your food outdoors. The knife is too small, the ingredients keep rolling of the board, and the cutting board takes up too much space in your rucksack. Happy Cutting solves all of this, as it is a foldable cutting board with dedicated room for your favorite knife.

Happy You

Happy You is an innovative backpacking mirror for all your outdoor needs. Hang it from a tree or stand it on an even surface. It even comes with a built in light. 

Happy Clean

When spending time outdoors, it is often that you feel that it is hard to get clean and refreshed. Happy Clean are high quality washing wipes that feel just like washing with a washcloth. They are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. They are extremely easy to use, and you’ll feel surprisingly fresh after use.

Happy Eating

Happy Eating provides you with the much-needed cutlery you need to make your meal complete. Stackable, and portable, they sport a sturdy design, and a loop for easy transport.

Happy Taste

What is a hotdog without ketchup and mustard, a baked potato without salt, or a steak without pepper? Happy Taste makes it easy to bring all of your essential and favorite condiments in one handy package. Easy to bring and easy to use, so you can get just the taste you like!

Happy Going

Having to “do the necessary” in the middle of the night is enough to ruin anyone’s experience. The toilet paper is wet if it isn’t missing altogether, and it is really hard to find your way… The Happy Going is a combined toilet paper holder and LED lamp that lets you see where you are going, do your thing, and get back safely.