Have a Nice Day

Not everyone can take for granted that every day will be a good day. Some are dependent on medicines to function normally. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to have a controlled regime over your pills. We developed an innovative series of pill cases that adapt to your way of life, with the main goal of making it easier to Have a Nice Day.

Hike Bottle

The Pill Bottle solves the issue of needing water when you take your pills. The bottle top has four individual chambers so you can bring your daily dose. The bottle top fits onto any standard PET bottle, while the size and smooth shape makes it easy to bring. The bottle top can easily be disassembled to be washed.

Pill Folder

The Pill Folder is designed to help you organize your pills throughout the week, both for normal use and when traveling. Each of the 7 daily units are detachable, and have four doses each that can be loosened from the main unit, making it easy to get to the pills. All of the daily units fit into the folder, making a handy carrying case for the complete case.

Pill Pouch

The Pill Pouch lets you bring your pills in a durable and anonymous pouch. Pill Pouch fits in a pocket or a purse. The Pill Pouch is made from silicone, which makes it virtually non-destructible but also ensures that there is no rattling, which together with the elegant design makes it easy and inconspicuous to bring along, both for daily needs, and for sudden circumstances.