With Kitchen+ innovation we have aspired to help you overcome all the obstacles in the kitchen by introducing incredibly functional and smart products. We believe in developing products where great functionality combined with a fabulous appearance will make you the master of your kitchen.

Several of our amazing inventions have gone on to win design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award.


Stirio is the Hands-Free Stirrer that stirs your food so nothing gets burned ever again. Stirio created quite the stir when it launched in the 2013 holiday season, selling 50,000 products in less than three weeks in Norway alone. Stirio went on to win a Red Dot Design Award, and has among other, been featured with Gordon Ramsay on BBC. Stirio also features a smart blade that adjusts to your pot, so you only need one blade.

Cream Shaker

This ingenious device lets you make perfect cream instantly, no electricity needed. Just shake it to make it! Fill the container with whipping cream, insert the whipping ball, and go to town. Just 40 to 60 seconds later, you have perfect cream ready for consumption. It even comes with 4 different nozzles for decoration.

My Favorite Knives

My Favorite is a series of knives that are developed to be easy in use for the whole family. The blades are silicone coated for non-stick cutting and rust prevention, and the grips are soft and ergonomic. 

The blades are silicone coated for non-stick cutting and rust prevention. The blades have a rounded modern shape which makes for easier and safe handling.  

Nano Apron

This apron is made of a nano-material that repels any foods or liquids that you might spill. No more stained aprons! We also decided that a modern apron should have a modern look. That’s why we made it with a tailored fit. Wearing the Nano Apron is almost like suiting up in the kitchen.
Nano Apron utilizes NanoSphere®

Chop & Serve

This fantastic workstation has two different chopping boards, and 5 melamine trays that latch onto the bamboo cutting board. All the bowls fit into the board, which can be flipped and used as a stylish and practical serving tray.

Divide the ingredients as they are cut, and leave the utensils on the strainer.

Candle Handle

With Candle Handle you can easily pick up and place a lighted tea light in deep and no narrow holders. You can also extinguish the tea light by pressing the button on the top. In addition you can detach the top of the Candle Handle to reveal a candle sharpener. Three wonders in one product with this ultimate candle tool!


This is the best way to organize all your different kitchen rolls. The RollStore fits two rolls of up to 38 cm long and 4 cm wide. It is designed to make it easy to grip the sheets, and the super sharp metal cutting blades makes it super easy to tear of the size you want. The slim design even ensures it fits nicely in your drawer.

Smart Lid

The Smart Lid lets you cook anything without fear of either splatters or odor. The Lid fits all frying pans up to 32 cm, and has an angled rim to let condensation drip back into the pan. The charcoal filter mesh will neutralize odors as the pass through the mesh, allowing your pan to breath openly without filling the room with smell.

Smart Tea Towel

Many people don’t have aprons readily available in the kitchen, but tea towels are always available. For a quick solution when preparing potentially messy food, this smart tea towel has a hidden elastic band that lets you attach the tea towel around your waist. It also has a magnetic clip that lets you hang the tea towel directly on your fridge.

SmoothPack Station

Make your own packs with smoothies or mashed food. SmoothPacks comes in two sizes, 250 ml sportspacks or 125 ml snackpacks, perfect size for kids’ food or a fruity smoothie snack. The packs can be stored in the fridge or freezer, and the entire system is dishwasher friendly.


The Squircle is the half-square, half-circle shaped rotatable fridge tray that gives you easy access to the back of your fridge.  It helps you being organized by presenting your food from four different angles.  Just turn the table, and get access to what usually hides in the back of your fridge.

Tailored Apron

This stylish apron is specially tailored to make you look your best in the kitchen. With a tailored cut and a tight design, this is almost like suiting up. Be the best looking member of the party, even when preparing food in the kitchen. Talk about being dressed for success!