Need Innovation?

Innovation creates opportunities and growth. Unikia has over the past 3 years invested heavily in product development. With 300 products developed over 36 months we have extreme experience in making new happen. Our approach is unique and allows for MORE, BETTER, FASTER.

We can and are taking responsibility for the entire process from ideation, product development, branding, communication, production to when the product is launching.

The Promise

Unikia can deliver new products faster and with greater success, but only if the client is as dedicated to the results as we are. Our process is built on reducing all types of process waste, rapid delivery and prototyping cycles and the ability to distil the material so decision can be made quickly. We promise you a very inspiring, demanding process where you will see how an idea goes through the different stages until it is in the stores.

We Are Different

We are not your typical consultancy
– 300+ products developed & launched in 3 years
– We own and invest in our product portfolio
– We get immediate feedback and learn fast
– We handle the entire development process
– We work with the best product developers
– Our process is fast and intense

Our Process

We will lead the client through the process and work with some of the best creatives in the world to develop products that customers love and that creates sales’ success.

1 week of brief preparation
8 weeks intense Create phase
12-26 weeks of detailing and tooling
6 weeks of production

The People

The promise we make to our people is that at Unikia they will be able to do the best job of their career. Our people have 10+ years of relevant experience, and communication skills that make working with us easy. But even with all the talent – we strongly believe that hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard. The promise to you is that you will get talent working very hard.

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