Sometimes you just need a little MeTime.

MeTime is all about taking time to care for yourself and feel great. We have created a family of massage products that combine classical massaging principals with modern technology to give you a therapeutic and stress reducing treatment.

Foot Massager

Bring life back to your feet.

This practical Foot Massager combines acupressure with classical kneading massage and an air massage function to make your feet feel wonderful.

Massage Pillow

Bring life to your back.

The Back Massager pillow features ergonomic professional massage tailored for you neck, back, and shoulder area. Replicating the technique of a professional masseur, it will provide you with the most comfortable massage experience.

Neck Massager

Bring life to your neck.

The Neck Massager features a unique three-dimensional Shiatsu kneading massage that massages just like real hands. You will be amazed by the results.

Eye and temple massager

Soothing head and temple massage.
Featuring a wide range of functions including Intelligent Air Pressure, Vibration and Pressure Point Massage and Heat Compression. The massager relaxes the muscles around the ocular region, and relieves and soothes tired eyes.

Massage Hammer

Bring life to your muscles.

The Massage Hammer offers a tapping and vibration massage with 5 interchangeable heads with different functions. The stepless speed control system lets you control and pinpoint your massage for the desired result. Take control over your massage experience now.

Leg Pincher

MeTime Massaging Pincher offers a unique and comfortable pinching massage that will both stimulate and revitalize your legs and arms, and increase blood circulation. Simply roll the pincher along your arms or legs to experience a completely unique sensation. 

Mini Massager

Bring life to your body.

Bring your own personal massager anywhere. This handy mini massager runs on batteries and is easy to use. Just press against your body to get a relaxing and effective massage, relaxing the muscles, relieving fatigue and making you feel great.

Neck and Shoulder

The Neck Massager features a unique three-dimensional Shiatsu kneading massage that massages just like real hands. The optional heating function will stimulate blood circulation and relax the muscles, while the two large powerful massaging heads will target the tightest areas of the neck, ensuring a relaxing and reinvigorating massage.

Scalp Massager

The MeTime Scalp Massager merges innovative technology with traditional massage techniques. MeTime Scalp Massager has a creative 3D channel massage module which provides six traditional Chinese massaging skills including stretching, crimpling, pushing, pulling, rubbing and grabbing, allowing you to feel that you are being massaged by a professional.

Thigh and Muscle

MeTime Thigh and Muscle Massage uses 4 rotating and massaging heads to revitalize your skin and tone your muscles. Choose between two attachments and 4 modes to treat your whole body to a refreshing massage. MeTime Thigh and Muscle Massage will relax your muscles, increase your blood circulation and bring out your skin’s inner glow.

Back Massager

The Back Massager features a state-of-the-art moving dual Shiatsu massage. The massage heads travel up and down your back, combining kneading Shiatsu and soothing rolling massage. The Back Massager has six different programs, and the added benefit of spot Shiatsu.