Nordic Grip

Never be afraid of slipping on ice or snow again! Nordic Grip is a leading innovator of fall prevention equipment for use in winter. At Nordic Grip, we are serious about our commitment to help people stay on their feet, and we have created revolutionary equipment for fall prevention that can be used both outdoor and indoor, and both for walking and running.


The Nordic Grip Wets combines the well-known fall prevention technology of Nordic Grip with a comfortable and warm rubber boot that will stay dry even in the wettest winter weather. The Wets has a soft and comfortable micro-fleece inner shoe with thermo-liner, and an outer waterproof layer.

Wets come with patented IceLock™ technology, and is available in five fancy colors.


Always at hand.

The Nordic Grip Mini is developed to especially for those who don’t usually wear ice grips. The Mini comes in a small and handy box that fits in your bag, purse, or jacket pocket, and are very easy to use, so you are always prepared if you encounter icy conditions. 

Safe Walker

The Nordic Grip Safe Walker combines the well-known fall prevention technology of Nordic Grip with a comfortable, high quality walking shoe developed for the winter season. The Safe Walker will keep you warm, dry and on your feet. It is waterproof, has a therma-liner for extra cold days, and a knitted collar for easy entry and increased comfort.


Galoshes that are great for shopping. Nordic Grip Galoshes with IceLock ™ uses a special technology developed for the South Korean military, increasing your traction through micro-glass filaments that are electrostatically aligned in the rubber compound creating slip-stopping surface tension. Great grip without using spikes!


Spiked advanced running trainers.

The RX13 is waterproof, lightweight, and features tungsten tipped spikes. It’s comfortable, and designed for high performance in the most slippery conditions. They sport a seamless upper and DryShield™ membrane for a waterproof and lightweight design.


The Nordic Grip Easy are designed to be the easiest grips available to take on and off. The closed loop ensures that a quick and efficient one-hand operation is all you need to stay on your feet. The Easy will sit securely on your foot and never fall off. Easy and safe!


Nordic Grip Extreme gives you extraordinary grip. The sole is filled with especially broad and thick spikes that ensure the best grip in any situation. Nordic Grip Extreme is fastened both in front and in the back which ensures a great fit on your shoes. For those serious about their grip, Nordic Grip Extreme is the best choice.


Sometimes you need to walk in and out of stores. You still need good grip when outside, but most ice cleats can’t be worn inside. Flexi solves this pristinely. Pulling the strap moves the spikes up around your heel, while the textured front ensures that you’ll still keep your footing on the slippery floor!

Galoshes for Heels

Designed to fit and protect ankle boots. Nordic Grip Galoshes for Women enables you to wear your nice shoes but still stay on your feet and keep them safe from the snow and salt. Nordic Grip Galoshes Women uses the patented IceLock™ technology developed for the South Korean military. Great grip without using spikes!

Spiked Galoshes

Nordic Grip Galoshes is the perfect combination of shoe protection and fall-prevention safety. Nordic Grip Galoshes spiked has a sole with 14 steel spikes along the whole sole ensuring a good grip anywhere. Our new galoshes comes with an inner flocking that protects your shoes and makes it easier to take on and off.

Monster Grip

These grips are something else entirely. Monster grip has long spikes protruding from the sole of your shoes, fastened with chains and extra durable rubber. Nordic Grip Monster grip truly give you extreme grip for extreme conditions. 

Grips for Kids

We have developed Grips for kids; safe, durable and suited for a kids use, the grips have crossed steel spirals under the ball of the foot for grip on snow, and two spikes under the heel for grip on ice. Grips for kids are easy to fasten, will stay on, and comes in 3 different sizes and 5 different designs to suit both girls and boys.


The Nordic Grip R13 running shoe combines the well-known fall prevention technology of Nordic Grip with a comfortable, high quality running shoe developed for the winter season. The Nordic Grip Running shoe is water-repellant, lightweight, and features tungsten tipped spikes,  EasyEVA™ Lightweight EVA cushioning and Hypergrip™ sole technology. 


The Nordic Grip Overshoes can be worn over any shoe, protecting it when you have to go out into the deep snow and shovel free your car. That way you can show up at work or a party with your best shoes, completely dry and safe. The Nordic Grip Overshoe is a perfect companion for trips to mountain cabins in the winter.


The Nordic Grip Walking is designed specifically to ensure best possible traction while walking normally. The design of the grip ensures that the product stays on safely, while the placement of the spikes gives you optimal grip throughout the whole walking movement. 


When you run, you use the foot differently than walking, so we wanted to develop a ice grip that was suited specially for running. Nordic Grip Running fits perfectly on a running shoe, and has carefully researched placement of the spikes for the most efficient traction for the kick-off and movement when running.