Nothing beats finally sitting down to relax after a long and hard day. With Reelax, we strive to invent products that will ensure that your precious down-time is even more relaxing and comfortable.


It’s just amazing how relaxing it can be to slide down into the couch or your favorite chair. And it’s even more relaxing if you can put your legs up. With the Reelax Tilt! you always have a handy leg-rest available. Tilt! is designed so you can pull it out from under the sofa and deploy it in one smooth one-handed operation.


The Flip! is an amazing adjustable pillow that can twist, turn, rotate and stretch to your specific needs. The two parts of the pillow work in tandem to let you find your most relaxing position in any situation. The cover is durable and removable, so you can both use Flip! outdoors, and take the cover of to clean it.