Everyone deserves to feel safe!

Every year millions of people are exposed to situations which make them feel vulnerable. Safe+ is on a mission to fix this. We take pride in developing quality solutions that keep you and your belongings safe. Safe+ items are easy to use, affordable, practical, and stylish.


Sometimes you just get the need to secure your belongings. Be it your pram, your bag, your bike… With the Microlock, you always have a handy lock available! The Microlock is only about 4 centimeters in diameter, but contains a 66 cm super strong wire, so you can lock anything anywhere.


The phone has become an extension of our lives. With the Leash your phone is always kept safe and at hand, truly making it an accessory. Fasten the button to your phone or hardcover case with the powerful 3M tape, clip on the Leash, and you are good to go.

Clip Alarm

The Clip personal alarm has been developed using insights from police, experts and people just like you. Extremely easy to use, it can clip on to almost anything, and activates simply by being removed. It is the Winner of the Top Product Award at the 2013 CAMEX Expo (National Association of College Bookstores).

Hit Alarm

We interviewed lots of people, and found out that many of them grab hold of their keys when feeling unsafe. We understood that the feeling of confidence and emancipation that comes from being prepared is an important factor in avoiding unwanted interest.


Have you ever been to the beach and not known what to do with your wallet, phone, and keys when wanting to go for a swim? BeachSafe is a comfortable beach chair that doubles as a safe. Place your valuables in the hidden compartment and secure it with the coded lock.