Microbead cushions are so soft and huggable that you’ll never want to let them go.
First time you try one you’ll be amazed at how comfortable and versatile they are, bending and adjusting to your every need..


Softouch Hugbuddy is an extra big and super squishy microbead cushion. Among all the super soft Softouch microbead cushions, the HugBuddy is my favorite. It’s so big and squishy, that if you first hug it, it’s really hard to let go. It’s big enough that it fits in a pillow sheet and can be used as a pillow. Or you can just hug it and find out how wonderful it makes you feel!


Softouch microbead cushions are the softest cushions you can imagine. They are filled with super small polystyrene balls, so the cushion can easily change shape to support you in the way that suits you best. This cushion is great for support or comfort in bed, on the couch, or when travelling. Softuch Regular is 36 x 16 cm, and can be washed at 30 C ⁰


The Softouch Outdoor is made especially for outdoor use. It has a waterproof cover that is tough enough to withstand widespread outdoor use, but fear not, it is still as soft and comfortable as the rest of the Softouch family. Softuch Outdoor is 37 x 18 cm, and can be washed at 40 C⁰


Softouch Bathroom will help you enjoy that perfect relaxing bath. Softouch Bathroom has two suction cups that lets you fasten it to the bathtub, so you can lean back and enjoy the soothing warmth of the bath. The suctions cups also work great on a car or train window if you want to relax while travelling. Softuch Bathroom is 32 x 14 cm, and can be washed at 30 C ⁰.


The Softouch Mini is a smaller version of everybody’s favorite cushion. Mini is just as soft as the Softouch Regular, but easier to bring, and easier to get to fit just so when you are lounging on the couch. Softouch Mini can be washed at 30 C⁰.


Most cushions have always been square, and finally, here is the square microbead cushion. Just as soft and comfortable as the rest of the Softouch family, but fits even better in the couch. Softuch Square is 31 x 31cm, and can be washed at 30 C⁰


Softouch Heart can melt any heart. A super soft and super comfortable microbead cushion shaped as a heart, perfect as a gift, or as a decoration in your home. Softouch Heart is loved by everyone, and is always there when you need something soft to hug or hold. Softuch Heart is 30 cm long, and can be washed at 30 C⁰


Exchangeable covers for your favorite Softouch Original microbead cushion. The covers are available in 5 different colors; purple, blue, pink, royal blue, and mint. All the covers can be washed at 30 C ⁰.