Well Done

Well Done introduces a new era of grilling – The Social BBQ Experience. No longer does one guy have to prepare all the food after the fashion of the different guests. No longer does the lone griller stand apart while the rest of the party sits around the table.

With Well Done – Social Grill, up to 6 people can grill at the same time, preparing the food just the way they like it, while enjoying the each other’s company. Well Done includes a lot of smart products for your grill, some made especially for the Social Grill, and some that will make any BBQ experience a better one.

Social Grill

Instead of one grillmaster responsible for preparing the food for everybody, the Social Grill offers a truly social BBQ experience. The elegant tabletop coal grill can be placed straight on an outdoor table, even on a white cloth. Up to six people can use the Social Grill at the same time, enabling everybody to prepare the food the way they prefer.

Soup Bowl

Expand your BBQ experience with the Well Done Soup Bowls. Include soups, sauces, and other juicy snacks. The Soup Bowl can easily be lifted and placed hooking the handle in the Well Done Tongs. Fill with soup, or use to keep the potatoes or vegetables warm.

Grill Maestro

This must be the Chef’s best friend. The ultimate tool, the Well Done Grill Maestro is a 4-in-1 powerpunch of a product that can solve any task on the grill. The knife and fork also work as a spatula or turner, and by attaching the two units together you get a big tong.

Smart Skewer

We don’t think you have ever seen a skewer quite like this! Super smart and innovative skewer for your BBQ. The Well Done Smart Skewer will fit more food than a regular skewer. The wooden handle makes it easy to turn the skewer without burning your fingers, and by pulling the handle apart you can easily distribute the food, or just dump it all on your own plate.

Tongs & Skewers

The definitive set of accessories to the Social Grill includes 6 full sets of tongs, skewers, and dedicated holders for the skewers. The holders attach to the Social Grill, and ensure that the skewer is kept at just the right height over the Grill. The Skewers are V-shaped, which both lets them rest better in the holder, and makes it easier to fill and retrieve the food.

Hotdog Pops

The Hot Dog Pops are an ingenious and simple solution to grilling hot dogs. Thread four hot dogs on a Hot dog Pop and place on the grill. This enables you to turn all four hot dogs at the same time, and ensures that the hot dogs won’t roll off the grill. When the hot dogs are done, just snap them off one after another and hand them out.


Well Done Scraper is an innovative cleaning utensil that makes it easier to clean any grill. The Scraper has four teeth that can be adjusted so the scraper fits any grill. Just adjust and lock the the teeth according to your own grill. The four stainless steel teeth and the ergonomic grip make it possible to quickly and effectively clean any grill.


Well Done Brush is an effective and smart tool for cleaning any grill. The hollow handle can be filled with soap, which is released in careful quantities by pressing the curve of the handle. You can choose between two different brush-heads depending on your need. Choose the steel wool brush for tough cleaning, and the copper brush for a gentler clean, for example for enamel coated grills.