Every good party or gathering includes wine. A good wine can really lift the spirits of the occasion. Wine+ has a wide variety of products that helps both in the preparation, serving and preserving of good wine.

Wine Chiller

This elegant wine chiller both chills and pours your wine. Freeze the chill stick, and use it to either cool your red wine or chill your white wine. The wine chiller doubles as a pourer, and will keep a white wine perfectly chilled for an hour. It’s stainless steel chill on a stick

Wine Server

The world’s first gravity-defying wine server! The Wine+ Wine server has a unique spring system, developed by Norwegian engineers, that allows you to pour wine from the top of the wine server. The Wine server fits nicely in the refrigerator, and has a freezing gel that keeps the white wine cold for longer. Functional and elegant, now that’s a good mix!

Wine Pearls

These sophisticated stainless steel wine pearls will chill your wine without diluting it. They come in sets of 6 pearls of 3 cm and have a nice round shape. They can be used in any drink, and make a perfect gift when invited to a dinner.

Whisky Rocks

When you want to cool down your favorite drink without diluting it, these whisky rocks are a perfect solution. Cut from recycled soapstone, known both for its beauty, durability and natural temperature abilities. Comes with a black velvet pouch and are a perfect gift, to yourself or a friend

Stopper Set

Enjoy your fine wine and champagne the day after with these practical wine savers. The champagne saver makes sure to maintain the bubbles in your champagne, while the wine saver drives the air out of the wine bottle to preserve the wine.

Vacuum Pump

If you want to preserve the rest of a bottle, or ensure just the right temperature on your wine before serving, the Wine+ Vacuum pump does both. Upon placement the pump will immediately pump out the oxygen from the bottle and seal it. The temperature of the wine is shown in the display.

Wine Preserver

Preserve your wine and keep it in perfect condition in your own home. The Argon gas prevents oxidation or any kind of spoilage and is used by professional wineries all over the world. Contains harmless argon (AR), which is non-toxic, non-flammable, tasteless FDA/medical grade gas.

Wine Opener

With the Wine+ Rechargeable wine opener any wine bottle can be opened with no effort. The elegant opener has a cordless recharge system, and after only 8 hours of charging it will open up to 40 bottles. The opener operates with a constant smooth use of power, ensuring that you’ll get no cork damages..